ITG (Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE)
Fachausschuss 7.5 "Wellenausbreitung"

TU Chemnitz
Professur für Hochfrequenztechnik und Photonik

WFMN07, Chemnitz, Germany

Proceedings of

- Wave Propagation in Communication, Microwave Systems and Navigation -

- Wellenausbreitung in Funk-, Mikrowellensystemen und Navigation -

A conference of VDE-ITG commission 7.5 "Wave Propagation"

Conference Program:

WFMN07_Program Conference Program.

Conference Proceedings:

WFMN07_Author_Index Cover Page and Author Index.
WFMN07_I_A1 p. 1 S. Lindenmeier, L. Reiter, J. Hopf and D. Barié, "Antenna diversity for the improvement of satellite radio reception in fading scenario", Inaugural Lecture.
WFMN07_I_A2 p. 2 M. Zink and S. Buckreuß, "The TerraSAR-X ⁄ TanDEM-X Program", Inaugural Lecture.
WFMN07_I_B1 pp. 3 - 7 R. Piesiewicz, J. Schoebel, M. Koch and T. Kürner, "Propagation measurements and modeling for future indoor communication systems at THz frequencies".
WFMN07_I_B2 pp. 8 - 9 D. Pouhè, D. Emini and M. Salbaum, "Einsatz von Mikrozellen als Optimierungsmaßnahme von UMTS Netzen".
WFMN07_I_B3 pp. 10 - 15 S. Knörzer, T. Fügen and W. Wiesbeck, "Ray-Tracing for Mobile Communications".
WFMN07_I_B4 pp. 16 - 20 M. Reyer, T. Rick and R. Mathar, "Hardware Acceleration Techniques for 3D Urban Field Strength Prediction".
WFMN07_I_B5 pp. 21 - 24 C. Meier, A. Terzis and S. Lindenmeier, "Investigation and suppression of multipath influence on indoor radio location in the millimeter wave range".
WFMN07_I_C1 p. 25 U. Böttger, "Polarisation in nature, science and technology in the visible and near infrared spectral range", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_I_C2 p. 26 G. Wanielik, "Use of multispectral information in safety relevant applications", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_I_C3 p. 27 W. Keydel and M. Chandra, "Perspectives for future SAR Antenna Development", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_I_D1 p. 28 F. Gekat, "State-of-the-Art of Weather Radar Technology illustrated by the Selex Product Portfolio".
WFMN07_I_D2 p. 29 M. Galletti, D. H. O. Bebbington, M. Chandra and T. Börner, "Degree of Polarization for Weather Radars".
WFMN07_I_D3 pp. 30 - 34 J. Steinert and M. Chandra, "Reflectivity relationships of polarimetric C-band measurements of rain signatures".
WFMN07_I_D4 pp. 35 - 40 S. Melchionna, "Extraction of Cloud Parameters Using Multipeak Analysis of Cloud Radar Data".
WFMN07_I_D5 p. 41 C. Simmer and A. Battaglia, "Simulations and observations of multiple scattering effects in space-borne radars when observing precipitation systems", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_II_A1 pp. 42 - 49 A. Hornbostel, "Propagation Problems in Satellite Navigation", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_II_A2 pp. 50 - 55 F. Antreich and J. A. Nossek, "Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation in a GNSS Receiver".
WFMN07_II_A3 p. 56 A. Danklmayer and M. Chandra, "On the impairment of SAR images caused by propagation through clouds".
WFMN07_II_B1 p. 57 O. Fišer, "Selected DSD properties for meteo radar applications and microwave link attenuation in rain".
WFMN07_II_B2 pp. 58 - 62 S. Krämer and H.-R. Verworn, "Estimation of attenuation correction coefficients for an X-band weather radar using a dual frequency microwave link".
WFMN07_II_B3 pp. 63 - 67 R. Großkopf, "ITU Field-strength prediction methods for terrestrial point-to-area services", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_II_B4 pp. 68 - 73 T. Kempf, M. Peichl, S. Dill, H. Anglberger and H. Süß, "Microwave Radar Signature Acquisition of Urban Structures".
WFMN07_II_B5 p. 74 K.-B. Khadhra, T. Börner, M. Chandra, M. Zink and D. Hounam, "Soil Parameter Estimation and Analysis of Bistatic Scattering X-Band Controlled Measurements".
WFMN07_II_C1 pp. 75 - 83 M. Peichl, S. Dill, M. Jirousek and H. Süß, "Microwave Radiometry - Imaging Technologies and Applications", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_II_C2 p. 84 T. Molkenthin, "Weights Estimation of Phased Arrays moving in a Test Field".
WFMN07_II_C3 p. 85 M. Limbach, "Design of an Airborne SLAR Antenna in X-band".
WFMN07_II_C4 pp. 86 - 90 B. J. Döring, M. Schwerdt and R. Bauer, "TerraSAR-X Calibration Ground Equipment".
WFMN07_II_C5 pp. 91 - 96 J. Fischer, T. Molkenthin and M. Chandra, "A Direct Comparison of SAR Processing as Non-Orthogonal Transform to both Fourier and Wavelet Transform".
WFMN07_II_D1 p. 97 P. Tracksdorf, M. Chandra and A. Danklmayer, "Statistical aspects of polarimetric weather radar echoes".
WFMN07_II_D2 pp. 98 - 103 D. Singh, "Electromagnetic and Computational Approach to Detect Depth of the Buried Object Using Radar Remote Sensing Data at X - band".
WFMN07_II_D3 pp. 104 - 109 N. P. Marquart, "A Refined GTD Ray System for an Object near the soil and its Polarimetric Behavior".
WFMN07_II_D4 pp. 110 - 117 T. Otto, "On the Differential Propagation Phase in Polarimetric Weather Radar Measurements", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_II_D5 p. 118 M. Chandra, "Whither Polarimetry Today", Review Lecture.
WFMN07_III_A1 pp. 119 - 123 J. Lutz and F. Adlkofer, "Objections against the current limits for microwave radiation".
WFMN07_III_A2 pp. 124 - 126 N. P. Pathak, "Integration of NRD Guide and Slot Line for Millimeter Wave Indoor Wireless Applications".