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Feature-based configuration management of reconfigurable cloud applications

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A recent trend in software industry is to provide enterprise applications in the cloud that are accessible everywhere and on any device. As the market is highly competitive, customer orientation plays an important role. Companies therefore start providing applications as a service, which are directly configurable by customers in an online self-service portal. However, customer configurations are usually deployed in separated application instances. Thus, each instance is provisioned manually and must be maintained separately. Due to the induced redundancy in software and hardware components, resources are not optimally utilized. A multi-tenant aware application architecture eliminates redundancy, as a single application instance serves multiple customers renting the application. The combination of a configuration self-service portal with a multi-tenant aware application architecture allows serving customers just-in-time by automating the deployment process. Furthermore, self-service portals improve application scalability in terms of functionality, as customers can adapt application configurations on themselves according to their changing demands. However, the configurability of current multi-tenant aware applications is rather limited. Solutions implementing variability are mainly developed for a single business case and cannot be directly transferred to other application scenarios.

The goal of this thesis is to provide a generic framework for handling application variability, automating configuration and reconfiguration processes essential for self-service portals, while exploiting the advantages of multi-tenancy. A promising solution to achieve this goal is the application of software product line methods. In software product line research, feature models are in wide use to express variability of software intense systems on an abstract level, as features are a common notion in software engineering and prominent in matching customer requirements against product functionality.

This thesis introduces a framework for feature-based configuration management of reconfigurable cloud applications. The contribution is three-fold. First, a development strategy for flexible multi-tenant aware applications is proposed, capable of integrating customer configurations at application runtime. Second, a generic method for defining concern-specific configuration perspectives is contributed. Perspectives can be tailored for certain application scopes and facilitate the handling of numerous configuration options. Third, a novel method is proposed to model and automate structured configuration processes that adapt to varying stakeholders and reduce configuration redundancies. Therefore, configuration processes are modeled as workflows and adapted by applying rewrite rules triggered by stakeholder events. The applicability of the proposed concepts is evaluated in different case studies in the industrial and academic context.

Summarizing, the introduced framework for feature-based configuration management is a foundation for automating configuration and reconfiguration processes of multi-tenant aware cloud applications, while enabling application scalability in terms of functionality.

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Softwareproduktlinien, Variantenmanagement von Cloud Anwendungen, Adaptive mehrstufige Konfiguration, Mandantenfähigkeit, Rekonfigurierbare Cloud Anwendungen, Multi-Perspektiven, Spezialisierungsbaum, Laufzeitvariable SaaS Anwendung
Software Product Line Engineering, Variability Management of Cloud Applications, Adaptive Staged Configuration Workflow, Multi-tenancy, Reconfigurable Cloud Applications, Multi-Perspective, Specialization Tree, Runtime Variable SaaS Application
DDC Klassifikation004
RVK KlassifikationST 230
HochschuleTechnische Universität Dresden
FakultätFakultät Informatik
ProfessurProfessur für Softwaretechnologie
GutachterProf. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Uwe Aßmann
Prof. Dr. Vander Alves
Tag d. Einreichung (bei der Fakultät)19.12.2013
Tag d. Verteidigung / Kolloquiums / Prüfung11.04.2014
Veröffentlichungsdatum (online)03.07.2014
persistente URNurn:nbn:de:bsz:14-qucosa-141415

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