Stefan Borgwardt

Fuzzy Description Logics with General Concept Inclusions

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Description logics (DLs) are used to represent knowledge of an application domain and provide standard reasoning services to infer consequences of this knowledge. However, classical DLs are not suited to represent vagueness in the description of the knowledge. We consider a combination of DLs and Fuzzy Logics to address this task. In particular, we consider the t-norm-based semantics for fuzzy DLs introduced by Hájek in 2005. Since then, many tableau algorithms have been developed for reasoning in fuzzy DLs. Another popular approach is to reduce fuzzy ontologies to classical ones and use existing highly optimized classical reasoners to deal with them. However, a systematic study of the computational complexity of the different reasoning problems is so far missing from the literature on fuzzy DLs. Recently, some of the developed tableau algorithms have been shown to be incorrect in the presence of general concept inclusion axioms (GCIs). In some fuzzy DLs, reasoning with GCIs has even turned out to be undecidable. This work provides a rigorous analysis of the boundary between decidable and undecidable reasoning problems in t-norm-based fuzzy DLs, in particular for GCIs. Existing undecidability proofs are extended to cover large classes of fuzzy DLs, and decidability is shown for most of the remaining logics considered here. Additionally, the computational complexity of reasoning in fuzzy DLs with semantics based on finite lattices is analyzed. For most decidability results, tight complexity bounds can be derived.

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Beschreibungslogiken, Fuzzy Logik, Komplexität, Unentscheidbarkeit
Description Logics, Mathematical Fuzzy Logic, Complexity, Undecidability
DDC Klassifikation004
RVK KlassifikationST 301
HochschuleTechnische Universität Dresden
FakultätFakultät Informatik
ProfessurProfessur für Automatentheorie
BetreuerProf. Dr.-Ing. Franz Baader
GutachterProf. Dr.-Ing. Franz Baader
Prof. Ian Horrocks
Tag d. Einreichung (bei der Fakultät)16.01.2014
Tag d. Verteidigung / Kolloquiums / Prüfung23.05.2014
Veröffentlichungsdatum (online)01.07.2014
persistente URNurn:nbn:de:bsz:14-qucosa-145311

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