Prof. Dr. Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst

Kiswahili-speaking Africans in Germany before 1945

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The history of Waswahili in Germany before the end of World War II, their life histories and living conditions have not as yet been subject of scientific research. In the period before the colonial occupation of Africa Africans came to Germany in small numbers voluntarily or as victims of violent abduction (Martin 1993). The Germans were interested in the exotic looks of the foreigners, but did not care about their regions of origin. Africa was the unknown black continent, terra incognita, its inhabitants indiscriminately `blacks´ or `negroes´. Their homelands and ethnic or linguistic identities remained obscure, relevant only to a small group of researchers with an early interest in the continent and its peoples. Concerning the so-called Swahili people from Eastern Africa who came to Germany from the colonial period on, one has to keep in mind that until the end of the forties their identities were usually defined by their knowledge of Kiswahili, not by their actual ethnic or linguistic origins. In this article some stories are told about Swahili- speaking people from the former colony of German East Africa, now Tanzania, who came to Germany temporarily or permanently and for different reasons left traces in written records, which help us to reconstruct parts of their biographies.

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Erschienen in Swahili-Forum - 5.1998
Swahili, Geschichte, Kolonialzeit, Deutschland, Biographie
Swahili, history, colonial times, Germany, biographies
SWD SchlagworteSwahili, Kolonialismus, Geschichte, Ostafrika, Deutschland
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HochschuleUniversität zu Köln
FakultätInstitut für Afrikanistik
HochschuleUniversität zu Köln
FakultätInstitut für Afrikanistik
Veröffentlichungsdatum (online)30.11.2012
persistente URNurn:nbn:de:bsz:15-qucosa-97817
QuelleSwahili Forum; 5(1998), S. 155-172

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